• BBC Radio One
  • 1992-02-29
  • Over Grinderswitch sig: 'Hello again hewers of wood and drawers of water. On tonight’s programme we’ve got sessions for you from Curve and Red Ninja and any number of great records. This is the first of them, from the Wedding Present'.
  • A Bob Records special as John plays tracks from four of their 7 inch singles, including one by Cheeze, also responsible for the cover of Dancin' Queen subsequently found in John Peel's Record Box.
  • John explains how he keeps his figure and also plays the first truly indispensible LP of 1992 (Yodelling Crazy)


  • Curve, #2 recorded 11th February 1992. Available on the Anxious Records CD / LP / Cassette Curve - Radio Sessions.
  • Red Ninja, repeat of their one and only session, recorded 22nd October 1991. John actually calls the band WBI Red Ninja. No known commercial release.


(11:30 News)
(JP: ‘Oh they make my little heart go bumpty bump still. It’s not impossible that we’ll hear them again before the end of this programme.’)
(JP says this session track is titled ‘Motion’ before he plays it and then calls it ‘Bad Voicemen Of The Apocalypse’ after its been played.) Motion is in fact lead vocal.
(JP: ‘Don’t fret little ones I’m still here’. (as the record ends unexpectedly)
(JP: ‘Oh, I’d really like get a session out of him’)
(1:00 News)
(JP: ‘Well that turned out not to be “Return Of The Gone” at all; but actually Speedskull which is described as a tribute to Einstein. Are these people art students or what?’)
(JP: ‘As you can imagine at this time of night here at Radio 1 FM, well we have loads and loads and loads of fun, lots of people passing by and so forth with jokes and japes and all manner of things. And engineers come in and keep each other awake with iced towels that we keep in a special refrigerator outside. And somebody just brought in (I never know their names - I think it’s best not to with staff). And people bring in food, and we’ve just been eating piles of junk food. And somebody was asking me, how it is that I keep my figure? And it’s just luck I guess’)
(JP: "The first truly indispensable LP of 1992? I should say so.")


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