• 1986-01-29
  • This incomplete show for VPRO was made available as part of the Dutch station's online streamed tribute after Peel's death. Unfortunately, the link for the stream doesn't appear to be working at present, but the Peel tribute page is still available, including pics of Peel at the VPRO studio.
  • The show sees Peel in jovial form. Reveals he’d just been voted #3 DJ in Holland by a Dutch magazine.
  • Tom Waits is among the artists featured on a free EP in that week's NME, but Peel takes perverse pleasure in playing two of the other tracks from the record and not playing Waits. “I know all the VPRO crew think Tom Waits is quite wonderful," he says before the Husker Du track, "but I think he’s a terrible old bore myself.” He later reveals: “I’ve got copies of the magazine for all of the VPRO posse who want them. This is the kind of generous open-hearted chap that I am. And they’ll all probably go home and play the Tom Waits track and be really knocked out with it. Ugh!” Later again, describes Half Man Half Biscuit, then flying high in the UK indie charts with their debut LP, as “worth a truckload of Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteens if you ask me.”
  • Continuing with the plain speaking, he describes the Mighty Ballistics Hi-Power track as “like what the Clash would sound like if they didn’t sound like Sham 69.”
  • The Mekons track was from an official release of a Peel session.


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