• 2000-03-29
  • Start of show: "Hello and welcome to two hours of barely imaginable loveliness. We're at the Union Chapel in north London and later on we'll be hearing from the High Fidelity, Solex and Murry The Hump, although not necessarily in that order. But for half an hour, one or two tunes from me. Here's an old tune which you may recognise, but a new performance of it."
  • Blames the mistake made on the show the previous evening (when the same Hefner session track was played twice) on Mary-Ann Hobbs who "came into the studio, which is one of the highlights of our week because we like her a lot, and distracted us from the tasks in hand".
  • Claims such a mistake is not unprecedented as "we played a Black Star Liner track three times in the course of one of their sessions, despite our meticulous attention to detail throughout all programmes".
  • The BBC Listing for the Murry The Hump set includes "Thrown Like A Stone". However, this was not broadcast.
  • Delightfully, Elisabeth from Solex announces the last track as "another cover, it's by Etcho and the Bungeemen".



(JP: "And now, breaking with tradition on the program, someone who's quite popular - Propellerheads.")
  1. Cracking Up
  2. Don't Slip Up
  3. Booze And Cigarettes
  4. Five
  5. Kebab Or Shag
  1. Burglars Are Coming
  2. Waking Up With Solex
  3. Randy Constanza
  4. One Louder Solex
  5. Solex In A Slipshod Style
  6. Getting Better
  7. The Cutter
  1. NYC
  2. Greeneye Monster
  3. The National Anthem
  4. Addicted To A TV
  5. Devil In A Shellsuit
  6. Unsorry
  7. I Thank U
  8. Luv Dup
  9. Oddysey Of A Psychonaut


  • a) John Peel - 2000-03-29 (FM) (DK recorded)
  • b) jp290300
  • a) 02:00:15
  • b) 01:59:50
  • a) Many thanks to David and Gary! Re-up by SIG.
  • b) Many thanks to Max-dat.
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