• 1979-05-29
  • Almost complete recording available from the Derby Box, missing just the end of the show though that is available on file b.
  • Peel says his mother has seen the Raincoats on TV on Sunday night and didn't like them.
  • The T.Rex record is played in response to a request from Shend of the Cravats. Peel promises to play the band's new single later in the week.
  • The Pack evolved into Theatre Of Hate the following year.
  • Peel claims that for the first time since leaving Shrewsbury School, he's met someone who was there at the same time as he was - a chap called Jonathan who works for the BBC in Bristol.
  • Peel plays Frank Ifield to satisfy a request, but sadly fades it off after thirty seconds.
  • He had a drink with the band Bears earlier in the evening.



(file a starts)
  • Specials: Too Much Too Young (Peel session)
JP: "Oh I do wish I'd managed to get to see the band last weekend, I really do."
JP: "My millions and millions of admirers in the Manchester area will be pleased to hear that tomorrow afternoon I shall be droning away on television in their area, being interviewed. Something to look forward to no doubt."
JP: "Always a treat to hear that, in my estimation."
End of show on file b. News at midnight read by Paddy O'Byrne.


  • File a: 1979-05-29 Tape 425.mp3
  • File b: John Peel Show - 19790529 - Specials & Resistance.flac
  • File c: 1979-05-29 John Peel Radio 1 DB082+DB083.mp3
  • File a: 33:16
  • File b: 1:23:21 (to 1:12:20)
  • File c: 1:56:39
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