• 1992-05-29
  • It sounds like the taper of the first half of the show has ditched the old autoreverse tape deck, sound quality is very good indeed.
  • Peel plays a Bauhaus oldie from a newly issued v/a compilation. The Smell Of The Greasepaint blog explains: "Mick Mercer’s book, Gothic Rock: All You Ever Wanted to Know....But Were Too Gormless to Ask was released through Cleopatra, with an accompanying compilation album released through Jungle Records. The book pre-dated the album by a few months and Peel made reference to the fact that he had played some records earlier in the year based on bands/artists covered in the book and was now turning his attention to the album."[1] The Bauhaus track "Double Dare" is also covered by session band God Machine later in the show. The Goth book LP returns the following evening with an Xmal Deutschland track.[2]



(JP: ‘Splintered in session, Kill The Body So The Head Will Die. And if you want to get in touch with the band. If you want them to play a British Legion fete or something this summer, then the address is....’)
(1:00 news)
(JP: ‘Something in the nature of a guitar storm there.’)


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