• 1979-10-29
  • Start of show: “We’re going to start this week in a stirring fashion with a new session, their fourth I think, from the Damned. Plus the debut of Killing Joke. You’ve heard their record, so stay where you are for their session – should be very good. Also, I’m going to be playing you a few records from Scandinavia during the week – you’ve not going to put me off, Jim, don’t worry – starting tonight. Also, there are new singles from the Cure, Purple Hearts and the Ruts. I’ve read all of that. Did I read it well?”
  • Jimmy Pursey of Sham 69 can be heard in the studio with Peel at the start of the show. He was sitting in for Mike Read [3] all week.
  • Peel had seen the 2 Tone package tour of the Selecter, Madness and the Specials the previous Friday at Norwich UEA. "Of the three bands playing in Norwich, the Selecter came off best but perhaps they had more to prove than the others in a way. But they were very, very good indeed. The whole thing, as I say, a most enjoyable evening."
  • The Madness track is dedicated to Burnley's young goalkeeper Billy O' Rourke, whose debut on Saturday away to QPR had ended in a 7-0 defeat. The game had featured on that night's "Match of the Day".
  • Peel is surprised to learn that none of his fellow Radio One DJs has chosen the Notsensibles debut as their single of the week. The selections are thus: DLT - Moon Martin 'Rolene' [4] / Simon Bates - Bob Dylan 'Man Gave Names To All The Animals [5] ("probably one of the most gruesome records of all time") / Paul Burnett - The Word 'The Naz' [6] / Andy Peebles - Secret Affair 'Let Your Heart Dance' [7] / Kid Jensen - Janis Ian 'Fly Too High' [8].
  • Rolling Stones and Cream oldies played (both were related to current releases).
  • The show has acquired a quantity of records from Scandinavia (Finland and Sweden to be precise), some from "a mate of Walters" and some from Tom Robinson. The latter supplied the single by Sweden's Ebba Grön.
  • Full tracklisting also available at John Peel Papers. Many thanks to the uploader to the John Peel Papers at Facebook for sharing the information. [9]



Files 1 & 2 begin at start of show.
  • Damned: Smash It Up (session)
(JP: “That was for all of the people who requested the record at my gig last night, which was at Wollaston near Northampton with my mate Big Bob, and I’d forgotten to take the record along with me, although I managed to bluff my way through most of the evening by promising that I would play it. Quite clearly a very good weekend indeed. I mean, a good win for Liverpool on Saturday.[1]And William’s verdict on Match of The Day was thus…")
(JP: “Quite right too. Then I went to see the Specials and the Selecter and Madness on the Friday night in Norwich and that was really excellent as well.”)
(JP: “Nice to hear that again. Before you were born of course. Well, 1967.”)
(JP: “Right now, unless something quite disastrous has happened, the Jam should be recording a new session for us, their third, their first in a couple of years, which is very timely, because I think this is perhaps the best single they have ever made.”)
File 2 cuts out.
(JP: "Now the Damned have a go at becoming the Barron Knights of the 1980s.")
  • Damned: I'm So Bored (session)
(JP: "I played this to the people of Wollaston last night and they all stood there. … They didn’t seem to appreciate it a lot, but it made me laugh again anyway. The Notsensibles and a record which I reckon is destined to become a classic in its own small way.”)
(JP: “Jazz me, Slowhand, or whatever it was we used to say in those days. Cream from 1968.”)
(end of show / news read by Sheila Tracy)
File 1 ends.
  1. A 4-0 away win at Man City, including two goals by Dalglish. [1] [2]


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