• John Peel Tribute
  • 2004-10-29
  • Not a Peel show, but a tribute by the World Service featuring mainly interviews and fan testimonials. Presented by Mark Coles, who notes that the BBC tribute site received more than a quarter of a million hits in the last four days, and 32,000 sent emails to the World Service. The tracks played are only very brief extracts.
  • Despite the show's laudable intentions, it is not without inaccuracies (e.g. Peel's first Radio 1 contract was for eight weeks, not six; and the Smiths' first single was 'Hand In Glove,' not 'This Charming Man').


(JP: 'Every once in a while, I meet somebody who's just heard the Fall for the first time, and they say, "John! Which Fall LP should I get? Which one do I need to have?," and I have to say to them, "Frankly, you need to have every record that they've ever made."')
(JP: 'I know I'm fabulously lucky. I do know that everything I wanted when I was a kid, a house in the country (not a big house, but a nice enough place), dogs, cats, an astounding wife, really nice children (I've had my rows with them, but I'm very proud of them all), and a job on the radio playing records that I like. You get lots and lots of free records, and it's difficult to think what could be added to this to improve it.')
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  • 1) 01-John Peel Tribute (BBC World Service) 29.10.04
  • 2) The Alternative - John Peel on BBC World Service 29-10-2004
  • 1) 00:26:31
  • 2) 00:26:23
  • 1) 320 kbps. Included in a rar file with Peel's last three World Service shows.
  • 2) Many thanks to Steve Lai.