• 1995-12-30
  • The second and final half of the 1995 Festive Fifty, live from Peel Acres.
  • After a brief flirtation reading out the numbers in the middle of the previous show, JP's daughter Flossie reads them out again for the top 5 tracks.
  • Pulp's holding down of the top two spots in the chart makes them the first act since Jesus & Mary Chain in 1985 to do so.


  • None


  • 26: Dick Dale, 'Nitro' (Peel Session)
  • (JP (obviously so overcome by his hero's playing that he temporarily enters a time warp): 'Man of the year for me...taken from one of our sessions, we had a couple during the year, and hopefully there'll be loads more in 1966.') [1]
  • 25: Tindersticks, 'My Sister (LP-Tindersticks)' (This Way Up)
  • (JP: 'Would I be giving anything away if I said that's the longest track in this year's Festive Fifty, but only just?')
  • 24: Fall, 'Don't Call Me Darling (LP-Cerebral Caustic)' (Permanent)
  • (JP: 'One or two scratches on that, but that demonstrates that it's much played and much loved.')
  • 23: Dreadzone, 'Little Britain (CD-Second Light)' (Virgin) @
  • 22: Tricky, 'Black Steel (CD-Maxinquaye)' (Fourth & Broadway/Island) @
  • (JP: 'I was going to say that this is the highest placed tune that I've never played before, but it wouldn't be quite right, there is one more.')
  • 21: Bluetones, 'Slight Return (7 inch)' (Superior Quality Recordings) [2]
  • (JP: 'From the first moment you heard that, you felt that you'd known it all of your life.')
  • (5.30 p.m. news)
  • 20: Elastica, 'All-Nighter (CD-Elastica)' (Deceptive)
  • 19: Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, 'If Fingers Were Xylophones 7 inch)' (Ankst)
  • File 8 begins
  • 18: Catatonia, 'Bleed (CD Maxi single)' (Nursery) [3]
  • (JP: 'The highest-placed record that I've never played on the radio before. Someone will write in and say, "Yes you did", but I really don't think that I did, because I don't actually own a copy of it. I've heard it numerous times on the Evening Session, but never played it meself, I think.') [4]
  • 17: PJ Harvey, 'Down By The Water (CD-To Bring You My Love)' (Island) @
  • 16: Dreadzone, 'Fight The Power 95-Dreadzone Remix (12 inch-Maximum E.P.)' (Virgin) # [5]
  • (JP gives a complete rundown from 50 upwards)
  • 15: Bluetones, 'Bluetonic (7 inch)' (Superior Quality Recordings)
  • 14: Zion Train, 'Dance Of Life' (live from the Camden Festival) #[6]
  • (JP: 'The Festive Fifty, which comes to you live from Peel Acres. Live indeed to the extent that, although I don't want to sound too folksy, but at one stage of the programme, I actually ran across the road to the hen house in the field opposite and closed the door so that the foxes couldn't get in during the night.')
  • 13: Supergrass, 'Alright' (Peel Session) [7]
  • 12: Pulp, 'Mis-Shapes (LP-Different Class)' (Island)
  • 11: PJ Harvey, Send His Love To Me (LP-To Bring You My Love)' (Island)
  • (JP: 'Really hate these long fades. When I was a boy, I never knew what to do with the end of 'Hey Jude!', because obviously that goes on and on for ever, for those of you old enough to remember it.')
  • (JP: 'I was going to get our Flossie to come in and do the numbers from 10 to 1, but she's found something she prefers on television. Absolutely typical.')
  • 10: Long Fin Killie with Mark E. Smith, 'Heads Of Dead Surfers (7 inch)' (Too Pure)
  • (JP: 'Could Mark E. Smith be the first person to appear in the Festive Fifty in three different ensembles?')
  • 09: Dreadzone, Maximum (Live Version) (12" - Maximum E.P.) Virgin VST 1555 #[8]
  • (JP: 'Well, I'm very glad you, the avid consumer, seem to like Dreadzone as much as I do.')
  • 08: Pulp, 'I Spy (LP-Different Class)' (Island)
  • (JP: 'Well, I don't know how they're going to top 'Different Class', but I look forward to observing their efforts.')
  • (6.30 p.m. news)
  • 07: Fall, 'Feeling Numb' (Peel Session) [9]
  • 06: Ash, 'Kung Fu (7 inch)' (Infectious)
  • (JP: 'Because we're now onto the top 5, Flossie has deigned to reappear again.')
  • 05: Dreadzone, 'Zion Youth (CD-Second Light)' (Virgin) #
  • 04: Ash, 'Girl From Mars (7 inch)' (Infectious)
  • (JP: 'And it don't stop and it don't stop. Well, obviously it does because there's only three more to go.')
  • 03: Wedding Present, 'Sucker (7 inch)' (not on label) [10]
  • (JP: 'This year. we took our Flossie to the Glastonbury Festival for the first time, and what was the highlight of the Glastonbury Festival for you, Floss?' Flossie: 'Watching Elastica and Pulp.' JP: 'Exactly.')
  • 02: Pulp, 'Sorted For E's And Whizz' (live at Glastonbury) [11]
  • (JP: 'Indisputably one of those great pop moments, I perhaps wanted the record of it, but I think that's so atmospheric it would have been foolishness not to have played it.')
  • (JP gives the rundown from number 30, as he can't be bothered to go from 50.)
  • 01: Pulp, 'Common People (LP-Different Class)' (Island)
  • (JP: 'Well, that's your Festive Fifty for this year, and I think it's been an especially good one.')
  • File 8 ends at the end of the show

Tracks marked @ also available on File 6 and # on File 7


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  • Thanks to Mr Maudlin for files 4 and 5, recorded in excellent quality vbr
  • Thanks to Max-Dat for files 6 & 7 on Dat 099 & Dat 100
  • Many thanks to Tim for file 8
  1. Taken from the 1995-03-30 first session, but listed in 'The Peel Sessions' as 'Nightrider'. Despite John's hopefulness, there would be no more sessions from Dick until 2000.
  2. From an unsucessful double A-side release with 'The Fountainhead'. On re-release, it would almost top the UK charts in 1996.
  3. Loaned to the programme by the Evening Session.
  4. But he did: according to Phil's Mighty Database, it was on 03 February 1995, immediately after what became the number 50 FF entry.
  5. Originally released in 1993.
  6. Broadcast 1995-10-27.
  7. Recorded 1995-01-10.
  8. From session #2, recorded 1994-08-21, but released on record in 1995 so qualifying for this year's F50.
  9. As John points out, when this track was recorded on 1994-11-20 (and broadcast too late to make the chart for that year), it was still known as 'Numb At The Lodge'.
  10. A self-financed single sold at gigs and by mail order only. John's copy certainly sounds played to death.
  11. Maybe only JP could have got away with airing a song containing the line 'some fucked-up bloke in Camden Town' well before the 9 p.m. watershed. John ameliorates the effect of this somewhat by merely referring to it as 'Sorted'.
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