• 2004-12-30
  • The final part of the first posthumous Festive Fifty, hosted by Rob Da Bank.


  • None


Recording a begins

(RDB: 'Phew, just got back in the studio in time, I absent mindedly went to the toilet during that record and went down the wrong corridor and was running around Maida Vale, which I don't know that well, panicking I was going to miss the end of that. I knew it was 4 minutes 38 seconds long, but I made it.')

Recording b begins

(RDB: 'Who could it be at number 20?')
(RDB: 'Another one out of the grime dungeon and straight into the Festive Fifty.')
(RDB: 'I think it's probably fair to say that Jawbone was one of John's favourite discoveries in 2004.')
(RDB: 'John frequently said that he'd always wished he'd learned Welsh. At this moment in time, I tend to agree with him.')
(RDB: 'So that is it, folks, for another year. Of course we're all waiting with bated breath for the number one. Just got to say, thank you so much to all of you for voting. We've have hand-written scribbled notes and high-tech e-mails from young and old, far and wide, lots of entries this year. We know John would be very proud you've all made another corker with so many different styles as well: even Hermeet is grinning that his grime made a big appearance in there this year...A very fitting number one for this particular year.')


  • a) Da Bank 2004-12-30(p).mp3
  • b) 2004 (Complete) Radio Version
  • a) 1:59:52
  • b) 1 hour (approx)
  1. Taken from live session at Peel Acres, 23 December 2003, and later released on single 'Past Lovers'.
  2. From session #12 (not the eleventh, as Rob states), recorded 2004-10-10 and first broadcast 2004-11-16. Rob and Hermeet appreciate Joy Division oven gloves made for them by a listener.
  3. Originally featured on her first Peel session, recorded 1998-11-29 and first broadcast 20 January 1999.
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