• 1980-01-30
  • Incomplete show. Around the last 20 minutes missing from the available recordings.
  • Start of show: "That sig tune of ours doesn’t sound very fit these days, does it? Must get it redone, I think. Anyway, on tonight’s programme, it’s an all-record programme featuring such famous names as Public Image Limited, Magazine – both sides of their new single – Elvis Costello, the Only Ones, Cockney Rejects, Errol Scorcher – well, not a very famous name, but famous at Peel Acres certainly – and lesser-known names like Pure Products, Midnight Rags, Rattling Throntons, Akrylykz, White Heat, Creature Beat, Any Trouble, Spasms, Mental, Accidents, Future Bodies and the Insex. I know we could have audience figures if we just kept playing old favourites and the big hits and all that kind of stuff, but frankly I hope you’re not interested in that, because I’m not. Because there’s so many good records around you ought to hear and if I don’t get a chance to play them here, the chances are they won’t get played anywhere else in a lot of cases. So from the dozens of singles that come in every day – well, Everyday is the title of the first piece; we’ll get to the singles later on..."
  • Two tracks are played from the Selecter debut album.
  • A single of the Golinski Brothers track was later found in John Peel's Record Box.
  • Peel finds a letter from the Spasms asking him to play their single, three tracks after he has just done it (following another request).
  • Mike Read's dress sense is lampooned.


  • All records.


JP: "That's called 'It Never Happens Like It Does On The Telly', which isn't entirely true actually, because that appalling shirt which Mike Read was wearing on Top Of The Pops a week or so ago does really exist. In real life, it exists. It's not something wrong with your television or anything at all. It exists. It is real."


  • a) 209-800130a.if
  • b) 209-800130b.if
  • c) 210-800130+31.aif
  • 2) 1980-01-30 John Peel Radio 1 (Incomplete) DB145.mp3
  • 3) 1980-01-30 Peel Show DB145 v2.mp3
  • 4) BH003 JP 1980-01-28 Sides A & B
  • a) 00:50:00
  • b) 00:46:38
  • c) 00:19:14 (until around 8 minutes – file then shifts to 31 January 1980
  • 2) 01:32:23
  • 3) 01:31:23
  • 4) 00:43:15 (from this show from 36:16 only - tracks marked with § above)
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