• John Peel daytime show
  • An edited extract from one of John's Radio London daytime shows on 30 July 1967 between 1708 and 1800. These shows were mainly based on the station's 'Fab 40' daytime output, but the tracklist suggests John was given some flexibility in choosing what to play (especially "climbers" and "revived 45s") within that very commercial format.
  • Some of the music has been edited back to an airchecked version of the programme
  • Extract begins with a short extract from a sponsored speech programme by US evangelist Garner Ted Armstrong[1] ("The World Tomorrow"). The programme was a regular feature of the Radio London schedules, but Armstrong had been broadcasting to Europe since 1953 when his programmes were first heard on Radio Luxembourg. The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band namechecked him in "The Intro And The Outro".
  • Radio London Fab 40 for the week and info on other records on the playlist here


  • Short extract from a sponsored speech programme by US evangelist Garner Ted Armstrong[2] ("The Plain Truth About the World Tomorrow").
  • The Darlings - Saturday Town (1967 single, "climber")
  • Peel talks to engineer Dave "Hermione" Hawkins and gives 17:10 timecheck
  • Big L T-shirt advert involving Tony Blackburn (who'd already left the station) and other Big L DJs
  • Donovan - Turquoise (1965 'revived 45') Pye 7N15984 (JP: "Oh, that is too much...very beautiful...)
  • 17:15 timecheck
  • Ad for Sight and Sound typing courses
  • Amen Corner - Gin House Blues (1967 single) Deram DM136
  • 'The Londoner' continental cruise ferry advert - read by Peel, not altogether seriously
  • Chuck Berry - Back to Memphis (1967 single)
  • Ad for Big L night at Starlite Ballroom, Greenford - Peel says he "had a great time" there
  • Byron Lee - Sloopy (1967 single) Pyramid PYR6015
  • Paul Kaye - theme music at 1800 and intro to programme, with plug for Peel's late-night show; "Thank you very much John Peel...he's planted a whole lot of new seeds in his Perfumed Garden and you can hear that at 12 midnight"
  • James & Bobby Purify - I Take What I Want (1967 single) Bell 680


  • 1967 07 30 London 1708-1800 John Peel (edit).mp3
  • 00:21:02
  • Uploaded by Paul Osborn ( - contact for swaps) from large private collection of Radio London recordings F_paul123 18:38, November 18, 2015 (UTC)
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