• 1978-06-30
  • Kid Jensen presents Round Table, where Peel and Kate Bush review the latest records.
  • Peel is impressed with the green car inside the sleeve of ex-Eagles member Randy Meisner's LP.
  • Kid Jensen also discusses with Kate Bush about her current activities.
  • Peel mentions he'll be in Wales tomorrow night at a rock festival and that he's got the Rezillos and the Albion Band tonight as session guests on his show.


  • None


(JP: 'It does sound like something from Saturday Night Fever...The only amusing aspect to it is his French, which sounded like a graduate of Winston Churchill's school of French')
  • Enchantment: If You're Ready (Here It Comes) (7") United Artists
(JP: 'I don't think it would be a hit, but I rather see it as a hit than David Gates')
  • unknown: 'Walking Fan'
(JP: 'Sounded like late 60's, 67, 68, something like that... sounded like the kind of Belgian businessmen have put together... a waste of vinyl')
(JP: 'These days if you make a record in California, you have to be careful because unless you lock the studio doors, the Eagles are likely to come in and say wow guys, you making a record... it's OK it's like California music, which means fairly boring in my book')
(JP: 'He's a version man, he does other people's songs')
(JP: 'Single I played 3 tracks of it on the programme last night'... A nice little record')
(JP: 'It leaves me fairly kind of cold')
(JP: 'It lacks should I say energy...It's Cold As Ice, as you say, it's flat and it's dead')
(JP: 'I'm embarrassed, my producer (John Walters) used to work with Alan Price... he's (John Walters) a mate of Alan Price, so I hope neither of them are listening')
(JP: 'I think it's beautiful I do and it's a marvelous LP... It does seem to be silly that a 38 year old ex public school boy should be the only person on the radio playing reggae...At the moment I think I enjoy reggae more than any other form of music')
(JP: 'I need to hear it a few more times')
(JP: 'I'm fairly disappointed with that')
(JP: 'I don't think it's great to listen to')
(JP: 'The LP sleeve is terrific')
(JP: 'For me it's absolutely nothing, it's dead')
(JP: 'So there are a lot of boring stuff from Akron, Ohio, but there are also happily one or two good things, Jane Aire & The Belvederes for example...')


  • BBC Radio 1 "Roundtable" Kate as Guest 30th June 1978
  • 0:36:50
  • The audio is of very bad quality with the music edited out leaving only comments from Peel, Kate Bush and Kid Jensen.
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