• 1999-03-30
  • Show kicks off in middle of Add N to (X) track; appears first 10 minutes or so missing. NOTE: the show lengths were in fact only 110 minutes so probably very little is actually missing. The first track is only just over 4 minutes long so we seem to have most of it.
  • JP on good form whether feigning petulance at not receiving faxes, teasing the producer for rustling papers or forgetting to speak into the microphone.
  • Discusses a visit to House of Commons where some MPs ask him what they should be listening to; JP recommends Melt Banana.
  • Seems genuinely pleased to recall a recent Peel Acres show with Billy Bragg; sitting around chatting with Billy about music afterward by the fireside. They discussed the Louvin Brothers which he proceeds to play.
  • Delightful reference to his daughter Florence continuing to astound him at every turn, most recently by singing Toussaint McCall around the house.
  • Does his own Doo Wop bass line to The Fabulaires and it’s rather good.


  • Billy Mahonie: #1 First broadcast. Recorded 1999-01-24. No known commercial release.


Files a and c start towards the beginning of the following

  • Add N to (X): Robot New York (album - Avant Hard) Mute CDSTUMM170
  • Melt Banana: Blandished Hatman (Album - MXBX 199813,000 Miles At Light Velocity) (Tzadik)
  • Billy Mahonie: Watching People Speak When You Can't Hear What The Are Saying (Session)
  • Crank: Infantile Narcosis (Album - Wanton Phenomena) (Mille Plateaux)
  • Pilotcan: Circuit Breaker Or Catalyst (Album - The Boy Who Knew Maps) (EVOL)
  • 10:30 p.m. news
  • Karamasov: 8 Beef Critter (Album - On Arrival) (Satellite)
  • Future Pilot AKA vs James Kirk: Rest And Be Thankful (Album - The Future Pilot AKA Vs A Galaxy Of Sound) (Sulphur)
  • Scott Brown: Brain Bashers (12" single) (Twisted Vinyl)
  • Billy Mahonie: World In Action (Session)
  • Clientele: Reflections After Jane (single) (Johnny Kane)
  • Lexis: Diva (single) (Certificate 18)
  • Gott: Approach (Album – Die Erde Vom Monde Aus Gesehen (n.Ur-Kult Releases)
  • Hovercraft: Wire Trace (Album – Experiment Below) (Blast First)
  • Louvin Brothers: Satan Is Real (Album – Cabin Country) (Unknown)

File a ends

File b starts

File b and c end of show


  • a) Peel19990330 Billy Mahonie a.mp3
  • b) Peel19990330 Billy Mahonie b.mp3
  • c) jp300399.mp3
  • a) 01:02:15
  • b) 00:49:02
  • c) 01:48:38
  • a) + b) Also available as flac files. Many thanks to Andrew and Gary!
  • c) Many thanks to max-dat.
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