• 1979-05-30
  • Peel had been in Manchester during the day to be interviewed for a regional television programme (as mentioned the previous evening). He picked up a copy of the 7" by A Certain Ratio plus another on the Factory label that was presumably played in the first hour of the show, and which was probably "Electricity" (7" FAC 6) by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark as he mentions it on the 09 June 1979 (BFBS) show.
  • Peel observes that the single by A Certain Ratio "has no information at all on the label, just a picture of a chap who looks like Paul Gambaccini lying on the floor. Not that I've ever seen Paul Gambaccini lying on a floor, but you take my meaning."
  • He mentions that at the weekend he's got to go to Holland to compere the Pink Pop festival, where acts will include Rush, Elvis Costello, the Police and Dire Straits.
  • JP: "We have these books, you know, in which we have to write down what we're going to be doing on tomorrow's programmes, so the other people can say, during the course of their programmes, what we're doing. So I've written in the one for tomorrow that tomorrow night's programme is going to be a feast of genital display, so you'll have to listen to Radio One all day to see whether any of them actually say it."
  • News includes the announcement that Nottingham Forest have won the European Cup.



recording cuts in during first track
News at midnight read by Robin Boyle.


  • John Peel Show - 19790530 - Punishment of Luxury.flac
  • 00:58:30
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