• 2001-05-30
  • Peel had received a phone call from "Big Bob" for whom he used to gig at the Nag's Head pub in Woolaston in Northamptonshire. Now retired, Bob is holding a reunion disco at the British Rail Club, Broad Green, Wellingborough a week on Friday (8th June).
  • There is a competition in the show to win tickets to see Ash play at Maida Vale on 06 June 2001. The question is to make an anagram from the name 'Ash'.
  • Peel mentions that in the early days of Channel 4, he and producer John Walters were offered a weekly music programme, similar in nature to the radio show. This wasn't pursued, because rather than being allowed to play what they wanted, Peel felt that they would have become "impossibly compromised" by the nature of the business into featuring bands they didn't want.
  • A listener asks if the programme can get Sonic Youth in to do a session when the band visits London in June. Peel's blunt reply is no: "The last time that we tried to book them to do a session when they came over here, their record company decided that it was the Lamacq programme or nothing. And it turned out to be nothing actually, because I don't think they did anything for Lammo... You get so fed up with big record company stuff like that. And we get it all the time, you know, so we just don't bother. Life is too short."



JP: "Well that's one record that's going to be on the car CD player when we drive down to Barcelona in a week or so's time."
JP: "Would we have played it if Polly hadn't been on it? To be honest? I think we might not."
JP: "I was just thinking that on our website we ought to put a list of the bands whose record companies have said they'll do Lamacq's programme but not this one. There have been four or five haven't there? Would that a mistake to do that?"


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  1. Title has been scrubbed out with a marker pen, but it's likely to be 'Where Is Your Clothes' 7" judging by the lyrics.
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