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  • 1968-10-30
  • Edited show, from a set of tapes digitised by Colin Harper, includes some Peel intros and outros. Off-air recordings made by his friend on Reel to Reel.
  • Adrian Henri is guest poet on this Night Ride, although on two of the three surviving tracks he's backed by fellow Liverpool Scene member Andy Roberts on guitar. Unusually, this is also listed in the sessions section of Ken Garner's "The Peel Sessions". Tiny Tim is also in the studio.
  • Another studio guest is (probably - Tim's playlist shows a name which is probably wrong) Craig Sams, who with his brother Greg ran the London macrobiotic restaurant Seed. Macrobiotic diets were fashionable then, and Peel, a commtted vegetarian, would have been interested, although it's not known that he ever tried macrobiotics himself.
  • Full tracklisting with thanks to Tim Joseph. Link


  • Andy Roberts and Adrian Henri #2, live or recorded 30th October 1968. No known commercial release.
  • Taste #2, recorded 2nd October 1968. No known commercial release.

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  • Tiny Tim: ? (new song)
  • Long chat with Tiny Tim
  • Taste: Same Old Story (session)
  • Andy Roberts and Adrian Henri: Galactic Love Poem (session) 1
  • Henry Spaulding: Cairo Blues (v/a LP: St Louis Town 1927-1932) Yazoo L-1003
  • Frankie Dymon talking about new Jean-Luc Godard film (One Plus One, also known as Sympathy For The Devil[3])and his role as Black Power
  • Taste: Dual Carriageway Pain (session)
  • Andy Roberts and Adrian Henri: See The Conquering Heroine Comes (session) 1
  • unknown artist: Evolution (electronic suite)
  • JP talking about are we sorry the Olympics are over
  • Taste: Born On the Wrong Side Of Time (session) 2
  • chat with Craig Yoher (misheard name) [1] on Macrobiotics and his mag "Harmony" explaining Yin/Yang
  • Messiaen: Les Anges (organ piece)
  • Adrian Henri (solo reading): Hull Poem (session) 1
  • Bobby Darin: ?


  • 1a) Adrian Henri & Andy Roberts - Night Ride 30/10/68
  • 1b) 1968-10-30 Night Ride 30.10.68 Adrian Henri & Andy Roberts.mp3
  • 2) 1968-10-30 TG 27.10.68 Taste born on the wrong side of time.mp3
  • 1) 8:03
  • 2) 4:01
  • File 1b has been centred
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  • Many thanks to Colin Harper
  1. This person is more likely to have been Craig Sams[1], who with his brother Greg [2] opened a macrobiotic restaurant, Seed, in London during the late 60's. Peel may well have dined there and apparently John Lennon was a regular visitor. Harmony only lasted for three issues but both brothers had long careers, Greg being the "hippier" of the two.