• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1992-10-30
  • (Introduction to show, mood of Peel, interesting comments, etc)
  • The show appears almost complete apart from the first track


  • Love Blobs only session, recorded 16th August 1992, repeat, first broadcast 04 September 1992.
  • Jesus Lizard #2, recorded 27th September 1992.
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(JP: “I realized even when I speaking that last weekend when I played all the tracks from the new Pavement EP I was rather misled by the handwritten information on the label and actually gave all of the wrong titles. The one that I played you at the start of the programme was I think ‘Texas Never Whispers’ but last weekend when I played it called it something completely different. I must make a note to that effect so I don’t do it again.”)
(JP: on Andy Kershaw’s show the following evening: “Something which I’m looking forward to a great deal actually, a real curiosity I would suggest – Tony Benn MP in session, accompanied by Roy Bailey.”)
(JP: “And I’ve often thought in the past actually when I’ve been putting these programs together that I ought to give you the benefit of my great age and play you one or two records that I bought when I was sort of like 13, 14, 15, you know, back in the 1950s, a kind of ‘these I have bought’ feature. Whether I’ll actually carry it through, I’m not quite sure, because it’s been something that’s been at the back of my mind for many years now. But this is a record which entirely coincidentally came into my hands which was from that era, so I thought I’d play it to you anyway, having heard it as I was driving through Austria during the Euro Action Week and heard it played by a radio station based in Vienna.”)
(JP: “Used to have that on a 78, listeners! … At the time it seemed like a really radical record and I suppose the only link between that and the kind of stuff I like nowadays is the fact that it was fairly repetitive. I’ve always like repetitive records.”)


  • a) Peel19921030a / 1992-10-30a Jesus Lizard (Loveblobs).mp3
  • b) 1992-10-30 Peel Show L174a / 1992-10-30b Jesus Lizard (Loveblobs).mp3
  • c) Peel19921030b / 1992-10-30c Jesus Lizard (Loveblobs).mp3
  • d) 1992-10-30 Peel Show L174b / 1992-10-30d Jesus Lizard (Loveblobs).mp3
  • e) L231a.mp3
  • 5) Tape05b.mp3
  • a) 39.32
  • b) 43:28
  • c) 37.45
  • d) 46:55
  • e) 6:16
  • 5) 47:10
  • a) and c) created from L133 of the SL Tapes and digitised by K.
  • b) created from L174a and d) created from L174b of SL Tapes and digitised by Weatherman22
  • e) created from L231a and digitised by RC
  • 5) Good quality FM recording of the last 47 minutes of this show
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