• 2003-09-30
  • Unusually for a Tuesday, the show comes from Peel Acres.
  • The Marked Men are from Forth Worth, Texas. Peel remarks that when he applied for permanent residency in the USA in the early Sixties, he had to undergo a medical and "a test of my emotional response to things" that took place in Fort Worth jailhouse. "I was amazed I got through really, cos I was so scared by the process."
  • The track by Medicine Head is played to mark the forthcoming Dandelion Records reunion event that will take place that coming weekend in Shrewsbury. See also 01 October 2003 and 02 October 2003.
  • First play for the new Fall LP, "The Real New Fall LP". Peel doesn't yet have the track names so just announces "from it, this is track one."
  • After playing the track "We'll Never Be Friends", Peel muses that although he's met lots of famous people (mostly only once), he's never become friends with any of them. He sounds quite rueful when he reports that he never gets invited by such people to join them at their houses in France. "Noel Edmonds invited me to his house once and we went - that's when he lived near here. Not since. And Dave Lee Travis once, but that was a very long time ago. Apart from that, we've never been to anybody's house."
  • The Robert Palmer track (a Little Feat cover) is played to mark the singer's recent death on 26th September, aged 54.
  • Peel relates how he had passed on a chance to meet Lowell George of Little Feat in London in the Seventies, a source of regret.
  • The Pig's Big 78 comes from their friend Sparrow Harrison. "And it's frankly, Sparrow, in appalling condition."



JP: "Now for a moment of scarcely imaginable loveliness."
JP: "Well the moment of loveliness didn't last very long did it? But hmm, that's life."
JP: "This is a big favourite with the little sweeties that I work with. So chose any two of these three: sex, god and money:"
JP: "I'm slightly out of breath.... and I've started the wrong CD." (Wrong Track Moment)
JP: "I think I'd anticipated more slashing guitars in this session but what a nice and melodic session it's been too, from the Golden Virgins. That sounds very patronising and insincere as well, but I do mean it."


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