• 1967-12-31


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(Courtesy Duff Paddy)

(Part 1)

News at 14:30 (Lead story: Christiaan Barnard heart transplant)

  • Beach Boys - Darlin' (single) Capitol CL 15527
  • Herd - Paradise Lost (session)
  • Buffalo Springfield - A Child's Claim To Fame (b-side of single 'Rock 'N' Roll Woman') Atlantic 584 145
  • The Who - Armenia City In The Sky (LP: The Who Sell Out) Track 612 002

(Part 2)

(Part 3)

(Part 4)

News at 16:30 (Lead story: as 14:30)

  • Art - Supernatural Fairy Tale (LP: Supernatural Fairy Tale) Island ILP 967
  • Herd - I Want You (session)
  • Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Dropout Boogie (LP: Safe As Milk) Buddah BDS 5001 (JP comments that "the one shop in London" which stocks this album, as yet still unreleased in the UK, has sold 100 import copies in the previous week, "outselling the Beatles and the Stones")
  • Moody Blues - Evening (Time To Get Away) (session)
  • John Fahey - Sail Away Ladies (LP: The Great San Bernardino Birthday Party And Other Excursions) Takoma C1008 ("One of my most prized possessions," says JP, who only plays a short extract from this 6-minute track. "One of these days I shall lock myself in here and play all of that...Music for playing to your friends late at night...")
  • John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - Oh Pretty Woman (LP: Crusade) Decca LK 4890
  • Adrian Henri & Andy Roberts - Talking After Christmas Blues (LP: The Incredible New Liverpool Scene) CBS 63045 (JP: "It's nice to be able to play records by your friends, and here are two of my friends...")

End of show: Tommy Vance, who has been silent for the previous 20 minutes while JP has been playing his favourites, also allows JP to have the final word. He thanks his listeners "for making 1967..." but the recording ends before he finishes the sentence.


  • 1-4) (four files)
  • 1) 0:45.46
  • 2) 0:45.11
  • 3) 0:45.58
  • 4) 0:45.52
  • 5) 3:02:42
  • 1-4) Shared via Kat's Karavan. Many thanks to Duff Paddy
  • 5) Many thanks to Robin Carmody
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