• 1989-01-31
  • Peel mentions he would be with a walking frame to see Mudhoney tour with Sonic Youth when they arrive in Europe.
  • Peel mentions last Friday visiting the Caribbean Centre in Ipswich for a 6 hour event to see Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Extreme Noise Terror and Sore Throat. He goes on to say he missed Sore Throat's performance as he was having an Indian meal and said the only wrong thing about the event was that it wasn't loud enough!
  • Peel said he used to sell insurance once in west Texas and he wished in San Antonio, that he would have gone to see George Coleman or Bongo Joe play.
  • Peel mentioned seeing Bryan Ferry perform last week (that would have been Thursday 19th January 1989 at Wembley Arena, where he wrote an article for the Observer about the performance, which was re-published in the Olivetti Chronicles) and thought it was boring.
  • Peel says the latest single from Pop Will Eat Itself is their best record to date.
  • Peel plays a track by a hardcore punk band called Insurrection from the island of Guernsey.
  • Peel mentions that he found someone from Seattle outside London to come in the studio to talk about the Seattle alternative rock scene, which he describes as making good music. He goes on to say that Soundgarden a band from that region, has signed to a major label, which worries him, as he feels the band's music might change because of that. He then plays a track from the band's latest album, which he likes very much.
  • Peel was supposed to play Ballet Gorilla by the Shrubs, but instead played Papa Chaperon.



  • 1) Peel On Bremen Vier - 1989-01-31A.mp3
  • 2) Peel On Bremen Vier - 1989-01-31B.mp3
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  • 1-2) Thanks to Eddie Berlin!
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