• 1992-07-31
  • Start of show features the following handover. Alan Freeman: "Well, it's 11 o'clock on formidable 1FM, and we have another hostile youth by the name of Mr. John Peel." JP: "Thank you, Fluff. Not 'arf." [1]


  • Seaweed, one and only session. Recorded 1992-07-12. 'Sit In Glass' and 'She Cracked' available on The John Peel Sub Pop Sessions 1989-1993 (Strange Fruit).
  • God Machine, one and only session (repeat). Recorded 1992-04-21. 'Double Dare' available on CD maxi-single Home (Fiction). 'Commitment' available on CD promo Home (Poly Gram/Fiction).


(JP: 'This is Mudhoney and part of the soundtrack of the film 'Singles', which I have not seen and frankly don't intend to see, to be perfectly honest with you. But does Mark Arm really shout "Go it, Stevie!" in the course of this? I suspect he does.')
(JP: 'As long as they continue to retain their nice sense of irony, I shall continue to love 'em.')
(JP: 'I got a bit of a telling off from them at Glastonbury for not playing their records any more.')
(JP: 'Well, for a group that's broken up, they certainly put out a lot of records.')
(JP: 'Very strange indeed.')
(JP: Listen, if he can make a record, I can make a record.')
(JP: 'Piffle, of course, but great piffle.')
(JP: 'Thanks very much for listening to this programme.')
  • 2 a.m. news, beginning of Lynn Parsons show


  • Peel Show 1992-07-31 Parts 1-4
  • 00:46:43, 00:46:45, 00:46:50, 00:46:45
  1. Fluff's comment refers to the last record in the Friday Rock Show, Hostile Youth by Saigon Kick. [1]
  2. Isaac Hayes cover.
  3. Lithuanian issue, sleeve printed in Moscow, pressed in Latvia.
  4. Jonathan Richman cover.
  5. Bauhaus cover.
  6. A wrong speed moment: 'I thought it sounded a bit laid back'-JP.
  7. Captain Beefheart cover.
  8. Beat Happening cover.
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