• 1980-03-31
  • Peel's intro: "I am this evening enormously endebted to members of the combo Again Again for a couple of small presents which they brought to me some ten minutes before I went on the air - I mean, ten minutes ago in fact - one of these being 'Plastics & Rubber Weekly', which isn't what you imagine it to be. It's not what I imagined it to be either. And they also brought me a book of some vintage, called 'Through Beatnik Eyeballs' (cover) with the complete glossary for squares. And this, they advised me, would tell me how I should best speak to you young people who are listening to the programme. So, here goes: 'I've driven in from birdland in my chariot after a dark four and I'm here in the frolic pad to lay some gut bucket on you loose gooses before I shake my reins and head for dreamsville'. Are you sure this is right?"
  • Peel expresses his delight that Rough Trade have persuaded Robert Wyatt to start recording again.
  • The show includes a sequence of tracks with a 'kick' theme.
  • Radio One's 'Personal Call' with "Simon Beast OBE" this week featured, "cockney comedian Jim Davidson". Listeners are invited to phone in their questions.
  • John reads out his colleagues' records of the week. "DLT has chosen 'You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties' by Jonah Lewie, Simon Beast[1] has chosen 'Silver Dream Machine' by David Essex - he can pick 'em eh? - Peter Powell, who's standing in for Paul Burnett for 3 weeks has chosen Karel Fialka and 'The Eyes Have It'. Andy Peebles has chosen, and rightly so, 'My Perfect Cousin' by the Undertones and Kid's selection is Slinky & the Ephs and it's called 'Temporary Thing'."
  • Plays the first four tracks from the compilation LP "Hicks From The Sticks".
  • Earl Vince & the Valiants is Fleetwood Mac with then guitarist Jeremy Spencer on vocals. The song was later covered by the Rezillos.
  • Peel mentions whose birthday it is tomorrow, 01 April (April Fools Day), and mentions Arthur Conley (soul singer) and Ronnie Lane (of the Faces), both born in 1946, and Annie Nightingale, " date given, ha! Oh when will we learn?". Nightingale was about to turn 40.
  • Hinton Box file contains nearly all the session tracks and a selection of others in stereo (§).
  • Full tracklisting below is courtesy of the John Peel Papers. Many thanks to the uploader to the John Peel Papers at Facebook for sharing the information.] [2]



(JP: 'Again, I think a fashion too fast for comfort, but a fine song that was.')


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