• 1983-05-31
  • Quite a few spoils of JP's recent German trip on the turntables tonight. They include a sampler album from Zickzack Records, whose catalogue also features Peel favourites Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle.
  • Kid Jenson is in the studio with Peel, ahead of the two of them going out for an Indian meal after the show. In preparation for this, Peel changes his trousers in the middle of one track.
  • The second cut from the Misty album (which Peel proclaims stlll his favorite LP of all time) follows a request by Jenson.
  • These tapes from the 400 Box confirm that The Smiths' first session first broadcast was indeed the following night 1 June 1983, not 31 May, as in official BBC and record company documentation.


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  1. Tracks marked # also available in FM quality on Peel Late 1984 (they are on that compilation as the tape was misdated when User:Weatherman22 was compiling the file). It's well worth hearing the breaking glass sounds on Werkzeugmacher in high sound quality!
  2. Tracks marked @ available on File e
  3. Tracks marked ~ available on File f


  • a) 303_830503.2.mp3
  • b) 304_830531a.mp3
  • c) 304_830531b.mp3
  • d) 1983-05-31 John Peel BBC Radio 1.mp3
  • e) KevH Tape 22.mp3
  • f) KevH Tape 52.mp3
  • a) 00:48:17 (first 17 minutes of file are from the previous night's show)
  • b) 00:48:44
  • c) 00:19:31
  • d) 01:32:04
  • e) 1:28:22 (to 15:05) (from 12:45 unique)
  • f) 56:35 (49:27-50:21) (from 15:15 unique)
  • a), b) and c): Files created from T303 /  T304 of 400 Box.
  • Thunderstorm ongoing during programme: atmospherics can be heard on the AM recording.
  • Many thanks to RC!
  • d) Above files speed-corrected and edited into one: many thanks to Bill.
  • e) Created from Tape 22 and f) from Tape 52 of KevH Tapes. Many thanks to ... KevH. Digitised by Weatherman22