60ft Dolls were a indie rock trio from Newport, South Wales, formed in 1992, in the style of punk / pub garage rock / power pop with a dash of mod. Their songs and approach embodied elements of The Jam and Dr. Feelgood, classic UK stripped-down guitar rock. The group released two albums and were popular in the mid-nineties and supported the Sex Pistols at that group's comeback gig in Finsbury Park in 1996 before splitting in the late nineties.

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One of Peel's 90's favourites, the band received extensive airplay on his shows, including two sessions during the late 90's Britpop era. Richard Parfitt and Mike Cole of the band were interviewed by Peel in Newport about their music video and the economic situation in Wales, when they appeared on Channel 4's Sounds Of The Suburbs: South Wales episode, which was broadcast in 1999. Drummer, Carl Bevan, later became a landscape artist and painted a picture in 2020 of Peel visiting TJ's.

Festive Fifty Entries


60ft Dolls - Peel Session - 11.02

60ft Dolls - Peel Session - 11.02.96

1. Recorded: 1996-02-11. Broadcast: 17 February 1996. Repeated: 19 May 1996

  • Stay / New Loafers / Piss Funk / Loser / Streamlined

2. Recorded: 1998-04-21. Broadcast: 21 April 1998. Repeated: 27 August 1998

  • Summer Is Gone / Biggest Kick / Baby Says Yeah / Killer Inside / Paperback Writer

Other Shows Played

60ft Dolls - London Breeds - AUDIO Punk Vinyl

60ft Dolls - London Breeds - AUDIO Punk Vinyl

  • 27 August 1994: ‘London Breeds (Various Artists LP - I Was A Teenage Gwent Boy)’ Frug
60 Ft Dolls - Alison's Room

60 Ft Dolls - Alison's Room

  • 24 February 1998: Alison's Room (7") Indolent
  • 19 March 1998: Alison's Room (single) Indolent
  • 31 March 1998: Alison's Room (album - Joya Magica) Indolent
  • 16 April 1998: Summer Is Gone (album - Joya Magica) Indolent
  • 22 December 1998:  'Alison's Room (CD single)' (Indolent) FF #40 (JP: 'Are they still without a record label? It's hard to believe, if that's the case.')

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