70 Gwen Party
“I know that they're never going to be Nirvana, and they know they're never going to be Nirvana, but at the same time I think that what they do is excellent.” (John Peel, 19 December 1992)

70 Gwen Party were an independent British band, made up of Victor N’Dip (guitar, vocals) and Lurgin Pin (bass, keyboards, vocals), who were known for their strong political views and sometimes spiky attitude. Active for a decade from 1988, they released four albums on their own Snape label, including a Peel sessions collection.

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Peel was known as a strong supporter of 70 Gwen Party, although this wasn’t necessarily a mainstream position. In his 27 May 1995 (BFBS) show he commented:

“One of those ensembles, rather like Calvin Party, who nobody seems to like except me. They don't get any reviews in the music papers, or very, very rarely, and if they do they tend to be rather disparaging. And Victor, who's the kind of frontman for 70 Gwen Party, 50% of the ensemble really, is rather bitter about this actually, and goes on about it at considerable length, which I don't think does them any favours either.”

The band appear to have been grateful for Peel’s backing. In his sleevenotes to their Peel sessions CD, N’Dip wrote:

“70 GP have been among the lucky ones, without the support of the John Peel show (and various other BBC shows) this band in all probability would not exist. It’s as simple as that. … To end on a personal note: the John Peel show has been a massive inspiration for this band over the years, and we’re proud of the fact many of these recordings (nearly all tracks being re-written for or exclusive to the sessions) are amongst the best we ever made … so, from both of us, Thanks, John." [1]

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Four sessions. All were released on John Peel Sessions 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Snape, CD, 1995).

1. Recorded 1991-04-30. First broadcast 26 May 1991: Repeated: 04 August 1991 (JP: “I've had lots of demo tapes from 70 Gwen Party over the years and indeed their record, and I'm really ashamed that this is their first session. It should be their sixth or seventh.”), 22 December 1991.

  • This New Model England / Hiding In The Wall / Deviling Hour / Peeping Stick

2. Recorded 1992-05-26. 20 June 1992. Repeated: 21 August 1992.

  • Auto Killer UK / Howard Hughes / Stop Resurrect & Fire / Smash

3. Recorded 1993-05-04. First broadcast 04 June 1993. Repeated 02 October 1993, Best Of Peel Vol 60

  • Walkabout / Like Richard Dadd / Knee Deep In Evil / Nip

4. Recorded 1994-05-31. First broadcast 22 July 1994. Repeated 03 March 1995

  • A Culling For Satan / The Love Fried / The Searl Brothers / Snatcher

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70 Gwen Party - Howard Hughes

70 Gwen Party - Howard Hughes

  • 13 May 1995: This New Model England (CD-John Peel Sessions 1, 2, 3 & 4) Snape
  • 27 May 1995 (BFBS): Hiding In The Wall (CD-John Peel Sessions 1, 2, 3 & 4) Snape

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