A Touch Of The Moon was a comedy mixed with music radio series hosted by Keith Moon and produced by John Walters, and was broadcast between August and September 1973 on BBC Radio One. The show basically consisted of Moon playing records, and linking them with surreal whimsy and all manner of densely prerecorded comic inserts. The show was very much along the lines of Radio Flashes, broadcast in 1971.

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The series was broadcast while Peel was away on holiday and was scheduled as the second hour of Sounds Of The Seventies, the first hour was hosted by Alan Black under the title of Top Gear. Peel's producer John Walters probably found the experience of producing Keith Moon on his own much calmer than his attempts to control both Vivian Stanshall and Keith Moon, when they were hosting Radio Flashes, which was also produced by Walters. The playlists are typical of the early 1970s Sounds of the Seventies era, although the inclusion of a number of surf music tracks reflects Moon's enthusiasm for the genre.


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