A Year In Muzik - Jan 1997

A Year In Muzik was a section in the UK dance magazine called Muzik, published in January 1997, which asked several DJ's, amongst things, questions about their 1996 favorite singles, albums, hottest new talent, best clubs, bizarre things, highlights and their resolutions for 1997.

Links To Peel

Peel was asked amongst his favourite singles of 1996. These included:

  1. Force & Styles: Fireworks 
  2. Liverpool FC: Pass & Move (It's The Liverpool Groove)
  3. Rivelino: Step On High
  4. Hardfloor: Beavis At Bat (Dave Angel Remix)

Peel's favourite albums of 1996 included the following:

  1. The Fall: Light User Syndrome
  2. Eilert Pilarm: Greatest Hits
  3. Melt Banana: Scratch Or Stitch
  4. Flaming Stars: Songs From The Bar Room Floor
  5. Various Artists: Synwave New York Volume 2

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