Aavikko (Finnish word for Desert) is a Finnish synth music band, formed in Siilinjärvi, Finland in 1995. Their hallmarks include a campy, decidedly "East European" style and plastic-sounding synthesizer themes. The band themselves call their style "muysic" (a portmanteau of "mystic" and "music"); their motto is "We play - you dance!". Members consist of Tomi Kosonen (keyboards and saxophone), Tomi Leppänen (drums and electric percussion) and Paul Staufenbiel, keyboards. Antti Koivumäki was the co-founder of the group and left the band in 1999, replaced by Staufenbiel. Koivumäki himself tragically died in 2002 of a drowning incident.

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Peel started playing Aavikko in the late 90's through the Bad Vugum label and invited the group to do a session in late 2001, which they did. In his 09 May 2001 show, which was recorded in Finland, Peel described Aavikko as his favourite Finnish act. The band was also recorded live at the 2002 Sonar music festival in Barcelona for Peel's show.


1. Recorded: 2001-09-10. Broadcast: 16 October 2001

  • Uno Lira Soluzione / Sgame Over / Pizza Job/Tapettava / Leopardinnahkatakki

Other Shows Played

Aavikko - Derek

Aavikko - Derek

Aavikko - Viitostie

Aavikko - Viitostie


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