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Admiral Tibet (sometimes Tibett), also known as "Mr. Reality" (born Kenneth Allen, Freehill, Saint Mary, Jamaica, 1960) is a Jamaican dancehall singer known for his "cultural" lyrics. Tibet was one of the few artists from the early days of digital reggae to focus on "conscious" themes in his lyrics. A member of the Rastafarian group, The Twelve Tribes Of Israel since his youth. He has been described as "the most consistently conscious singer of his age". Allen described how he got his nickname: "I was going primary school and my cousin, both of us were sitting together looking into an atlas, and saw the name 'Tibet'. My cousin took it as a mockery and seh 'Tibet! Tibet!' and it stuck."

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Peel was a fan of dancehall music and would receive regular imports of records from that genre including artists like Admiral Tibet, whose vocal styles has been described as "multi-voiced and totally deranged".

Peel mentioned reading a letter from his friend, Dirk, who was complaining about dancehall music from singers such as Admiral Tibet, which he responded on his 23 June 1990 (BFBS) show:

"I got a letter from my pal Dirk to complain about the inclusion in these programmes of records by Tiger and Admiral Tebbit, both of them superb artists in my view and quite clearly if Dirk continues to listen to these things he'll eventually come round to my way of thinking. He'd better."

Admiral Tibet's music was regularly played by Peel from the 80's until the early 00's, when the artist used many various spellings of the Tibet name.

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Admiral Tibett - Leave People Business (Things & Times Riddim)

Admiral Tibett - Leave People Business (Things & Times Riddim)

Admiral Tibet - Tell Me Why

Admiral Tibet - Tell Me Why


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