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The Albanian Shop was a shop situated on 3 Betterton Street, Covent Garden, London and sold souvenirs devoted to the country of Albania and its former communist leader Enver Hoxha. The store was run by supporters of the communist regime in Albania (there were rumours that it was run by the Communist Party of Great Britain, as they had an historic relationship with the communist regime in Albania, who did not have diplomatic relations with the British government) and sold books, posters, records, badges, handicrafts and even toothpastes relating to the country. The shop closed down after the collapse of communism in Albania.

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John Peel's Albanian Folk Music

John Peel's Albanian Folk Music

On his show of 25 September 1990, Peel recalled visiting the store a couple of years previously and hearing from the owner that the shop was threatened with being closed down. At the time of broadcasting, he was relieved that the store was still a viable business and played a recording of an unknown Albanian folk group from a compilation album sold by the store called, 'There Where The Avalanche Stops - Music From The Gjirokastra Folk Festival, Albania, 1988, Volume One'.

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