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Amp formed out of the musical wanderings of Richard Amp (b. England) formerly in Secret Garden with Dave Pearce now of Flying Saucer Attack. They recorded together the ‘Distance’ project from which one track,  ‘November Mist’ finally saw the light of day on the FSA album ‘Distance’ in 1994. The first Amp release was an audio- cassette accompanied by a short story, written and recorded in 1992, entitled ‘GreenSky BlueTree’ This release features Ray Dickaty, who was working with Richard on an experimental free punk jazz project, which became Skree, whilst Richard was studying at the Royal College of Art.

In London 1993/94 Richard’s ‘Green sky…’ inspired singer Karine Charff (b. France) and after joining Richard,  AMP’s first single ‘Get There’ is released on Linda’s Strange Vacation Records. Both initially recorded some material at home and in Wales with friends Matt Elliot of ‘Third Eye Foundation’ and Matt Jones of ‘Crescent’. These recordings became their first 7" releases in 1995 and their first LP vinyl release 'Sirenes'. Amp continued to collaborate with a succession of artists from Robert Hampson of Loop and Main to Donald Ross Skinner of Prolapse and Julian Cope, creating many critically acclaimed records. They have 15 albums to their credit to date (2015).

Richard Amp also releases solo work as A.M.P. Studio (now Amp Studio).

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Richard Amp - Basel 2006

John Peel played on his show tracks from almost every release by Amp. Although the band never secured a session for the show or achieved any Festive Fifty entries, Richard Amp presented a test pressing copy of 'Sirenes' to John while visiting him on his show at the BBC in London with Dave Pearce in 1996.

In 2012, when details of Peel's Record Collection were first released by TheSpace website, the A.M.P. Studio album 'Alien Registration Office' was found among the initial 100 albums (see Record Collection: A).[1] The release on Ochre records also includes the only vinyl version of A.M.P. Studio's first full length, 'Syzygy'. At the time of the release, Vendetta Magazine described the album in the following terms:

"...if you like the more experimental end of the space rock spectrum, you might want to give Alien Registration Office a listen. While the tracks on this disc tend to be slow paced, they're always intriguing......Try listening to this lying back in bed with the lights off for the full effect!"

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