John Peel's Anatomy Of Pop

John Peel's Anatomy Of Pop

Anatomy Of Pop was a documentary programme on the commercial aspect of pop music, which was broadcast on BBC1 in January 1971 and repeated in September of that year. The programme was introduced by Michael Parkinson, known from his TV chat shows to be a lover of jazz and the Great American Songbook, but no fan of modern pop. It featured amongst others Marmalade, Frank Zappa, Muff Winwood, John Peel and Robert Wyatt.

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Peel made an appearance between 3:09 and 4:53 of the video clip talking about disc jockeys' influence on pop music ("one play on a Tony Blackburn programme is worth ten plays on a Top Gear") and how he tries to encourage people to listen to Captain Beefheart. The clip also includes Frank Zappa talking about dressing up in drag for a photo which was published in Melody Maker in 1967, Island Records' Muff Winwood describing how the label promoted Free, and Robert Wyatt on the surprise success of Joe Cocker in the USA. Canned Heat manager Skip Taylor and Alan Whitehead of Marmalade also make comments.

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