Andrew Morrison

Andrew Morrison was the creator of "offensive content" warnings on the Peel show in 2004. He was selected because of his experience presenting a weekly show for Portsmouth Hospital Radio back in the late 90's. Morrison also recorded announcements and title music for Radio 1's Rob Da Bank One Music show. Morrison was also interviewed by BBC Radio One in October 2005 for a documentary about the life and legacy of John Peel.  As one of the founding members of Dandelion Radio in 2006, a station named after Peel's record label, Morrison presents a monthly show.

Morrison has appeared on Rob Da Bank's Bestival FM and Portsmouth's Express FM. Occasionally doing DJ gigs, Morrison's highlights include DJing at Danish band Alex Canasta's album launch party in Copenhagen, and supporting Autons, Forest Giants and King Of Spain at the Shoreditch Cargo, London. Morrison has a wide-ranging background of music production, performing, remixing and engineering. He currently works for Dandelion Radio, which is an internet radio station, inspired by John Peel and the name is named after the label Peel founded in the 60's, until it closed down sometime in the 70's.


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