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(This page is about the Hefner drummer and now solo artist. For the DJ of the same name, see Ant(2)).

Antony Harding/ANT photo by Romain L'heritier

Antony Harding (fl. c. 2000) is an English singer, songwriter and musician from London who grew up on the Isle of Wight. He is best known as the drummer in London band Hefner, and has also played independently as ANT and now performs solo under his real name.

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As a drummer for Hefner, which Peel was a fan of, Ant's music was played by the DJ between 1999 and 2000. He also recorded a solo session for Peel's show during the summer of 2000, featuring 4 acoustic versions of songs that would later appear on his debut album. The debut album, a collection of London home recordings called A Long Way To Blow A Kiss, was quietly released in 2002 on Fortune and Glory Records.



Ant - John Peel Session 2000 - Antony Harding Hefner

1. Recorded: 2000-07-26. First Broadcast: 12 October 2000

  • History / Any Girl Can Make Me Smile / Maybe Love Will Return / The Trick

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Ant - You've Lost Your Appeal


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