Ataque Frontal (Frontal Attack) was a Peruvian hardcore punk band formed in Lima, Peru in 1984, who were originally called Urban Guerrilas and consisted of members Fernando Boggio, Jose Eduardo Matute, Raúl Montañez and Silvio Ferroviario. The group were the pioneers of La Movida Subterrenea, the underground music movement that emerged in Lima, Peru, as a result of the mass bloodshed and extreme political and social turbulence in the early ’80s. Ataque Frontal recorded on different labels throughout the world. Member Jose Eduardo Matute died in 2011.

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Peel played a track from the band in 1988 and expressed on his 16 September 1988 (BFBS) show, a wish to visit Peru. A visit to Peru was finally achieved by Peel in 2004, but sadly he died there after a heart attack, when he was on a working holiday with his wife Sheila.

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Ataque Frontal - Asco

Ataque Frontal - Asco


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