Augustus Pablo - Jah Dread

Augustus Pablo - Jah Dread

Jah Dread (from Original Rockers)

Horace Swaby (June 21, 1954 – May 18, 1999), known as Augustus Pablo, was a Jamaican roots reggae and dub record producer, melodica player and keyboardist, active from the 1970s onwards. He popularized the use of the melodica (an instrument at that time primarily used to teach children music in the Jamaican public schools) in reggae music. He was a committed Rasta ... (read more at Wikipedia)

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Thirteen Augustus Pablo albums were found when details of the Peel's record collection were first released by TheSpace website in 2012 (see Record Collection: P).

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Rockers All Stars (also known as Pablo All Stars)[3]


  1. The ‘In The Light Dub’ album, played on by Augustus Pablo, was usually credited by Peel to Rockers All Stars but officially to Horace Andy[1] (or Horace Andy/Rockers All Stars). The album reached #2 on the UK reggae charts on 1979-08-04. [2]

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