(This page is about the American band. For the Dutch band of the same name, see Avengers(2)).

The Avengers is an American punk rock band formed in 1977 in San Francisco, California. The band recorded an EP, We Are the One (1977), and after opening for the Sex Pistols worked with Steve Jones, but hadn't released a full-length album before breaking up in 1979. After the breakup an EP with the Steve Jones-produced songs was released (The Avengers), and later an album, Avengers, in 1983. Their lead singer, Penelope Houston, is also a folk singer who has a solo career. Since 1999 a number of other albums were released with studio and live tracks, and the band has come together for various occasions.

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Peel played their debut single in 1978 and would often play their track 'We Are The One' numerous times, even after the punk era of the 70's. The lyrics to 'We Are The One' contained the words, 'We are not Jesus (Christ), we are not fascists (pigs), we are not capitalists (industrialists), we are not communists, we are the one'. After playing the track on his 01 February 1990 show, Peel mentioned being tempted to join the Communist Party as a contrary way to the Avengers lyrics of 'we are not communists', but decided not to.

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The Avengers - We Are The One

The Avengers - We Are The One


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