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Radio 1 Vintage was a digital and on-line radio station created by the BBC in 2017 to celebrate 50 years since the launch of Radio 1 on 30 September 1967. The channel broadcast live for three days only, on 30 September, 01 and 02 October 2017, although programmes were available on the BBC iplayer for 30 days afterwards. A total of 50 one-hour specials were made available each featuring a particular Radio 1 DJ or show which have been part of the station's 50-year history (full schedule here).

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Kid Jensen [4]

  • Jensen's archive recordings feature an exchange between Jensen and Peel, the latter as the improbable "wine expert Jean Pierre Peel". The two share a BBC paper cup pf Beaujolais nouveau and go through the new singles chart [5],which would date the recording to 15 November 1983. Both DJs are pleased that The Smiths have entered the charts. Peel also mentions a Rolling Stones interview with Muriel Gray on the previous week's The Tube (Friday 11 November 1983). He commends "Mu" for putting The Stones firmly in the places when interviewing and criticising group members about their latest promo video (for the single Undercover of the Night). Jagger was apparently left "dumbfounded and lost for words", which was for Peel "most gratifying to see".

Mike Read [6]

  • Read also mentions Peel when looking back at when he presented the early evening show "before John" commenting that Peel would sometimes show interest in music he had featured. An archive recording of Read previewing the day's programmes has Read imitating the voice of each colleague, including that of John Walters, but curiously not Peel's.

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