BMX Bandits

BMX Bandits are a Scottish 1960s-influenced guitar pop band who have been making music from 1986 to the present day. Formed by songwriter and lead vocalist Duglas T. Stewart in Bellshill out of the ashes of The Pretty Flowers, a group that featured Stewart alongside Frances McKee (later of The Vaselines), Sean Dickson and Norman Blake (later of Teenage Fanclub). The group have had many line up changes throughout the years.

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Peel started playing the band's material during the height of the C86 music scene and met singer Duglas in Bellshill, whilst filming for Sounds Of The Suburbs, where both went to a fish and chip shop in the town and tried the local delicacy of fried Mars Bars, which Peel found pleasant to eat. He later was introduced by Duglas to the popular drink of Buckfast Wine in the town, which Peel described as interesting and not a drink that would be popular at Peel Acres.

Shows Played

BMX Bandits - E102

BMX Bandits - E102


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