(This page concerns the Drum And Bass act. For the hard rock band of the same name, see Bad Company).

Bad Company, Bad Company UK or simply BC (stylized as )E|3() is the stage name of the English Drum And Bass record producers Jason Maldini (Maldini), Darren White (dBridge), Dan Stein (DJ Fresh), Kieran Smith (KS) and Michael Wojcicki (Vegas). The abbreviation of the name, )E|3(, is the group's logo as used on singles and album covers: the letters BC are mirrored on a vertical line (written as the letter I or as the pipe symbol |), whereas the B looks like the number three or letter E and the C like brackets.

They formed in 1998 as "Bad Company" from the ashes of Renegade Hardware acts Future Forces Inc (dBridge and Maldini) and Absolute Zero (DJ Fresh). Maldini continued to cooperate with Vegas, recording under the name "Bad Company UK", a change which was needed because of a legal battle with the band formed in the 1970s with the same name.

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Peel was aware of the group through the demise of label Renegade Hardware, who would have sent many records to him during the 90's and 00's. In the 00's, Bad Company set up a label, which they sent material to Peel, which consisted not only of the group's music, but other artists who were signed to the label.

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Bad Company - Hornet

Bad Company - Hornet


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