Bandulu (a Jamaican patois word meaning criminal) were a British electronic music and reggae group consisting of Jamie Bissmire, John O'Connell and Lucien Thompson. The music often relies heavily on techno and dub elements. Releasing their first two albums on Creation Records sublabel Infonet, the group has also released albums on Blanco y Negro, Foundation Sound Works and Music Man Records. The trio have also recorded under various names such as Thunderground, New Adult and Sons of the Subway.

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Under multiple names, the group did several sessions for Peel's show and were played on his programmes during the 90's. In the new century, Peel rarely played any tracks from the group, although he did give airtime to Jamie Bissmire's solo projects.


Bandulu - Peel Session 1995

Bandulu - Peel Session 1995


1. Recorded: 1992-11-11. Broadcast: 02 January 1993. Repeated: 26 March 1993

  • Soweto 2000 / Funk Waffle / Song

2. Recorded: 1995-06-22. Broadcast: 28 July 1995. Repeated: 08 December 1995

  • Nought Response / Wha'Appen Peeel / Shenley / Invisible Wall

3. Recorded: unknown. Broadcast: 06 April 1996

  • Killa / Shroud Pt 2 / Selah / Deep Sea Angler
Sons Of The Subway

1. Recorded: unknown. Broadcast: 25 March 1994

  • Trunk A Funkz / Escape / Trunk A Funkz (Reprise) / Down The Line

Other Shows Played

Sons Of The Subway
Jamie Bissmire
Space DJz (collaboration between Jamie Bissmire & Ben Long)

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