Baseball Furies are an American punk band who were formed in Buffalo, New York and subsequently moved to Chicago, Illinois. The band took its name from a gang of the same name in the 1979 film The Warriors and wore similar costumes in their early live shows. The Baseball Furies' "This Is The World's Greatest Rock & Roll Record" and the Blowtops "Voodoo Alley" were the first releases from Big Neck Records, an independent record label started in Buffalo in 1995. The Furies helped put together a two-day garage punk festival called the Rust Belt Revolt in Buffalo in April 2000: this event featured bands originating from Rust Belt cities.

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The band had been recording since 1996, but JP's repeated airing of I Hate Your Secret Club was his first flirtation with their work. Moreover, it would be three years until he gave them more exposure.

Festive Fifty Entries

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    Baseball Furies -- I Hate Your Secret Club

    Baseball Furies -- I Hate Your Secret Club


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Other Shows Played

  • 16 May 2001: 'I Hate Your Secret Club (7")' (Estrus)
  • 29 May 2001: 'I Hate Your Secret Club (7")' (Estrus)
  • 03 June 2001 (BBC World Service): 'I Hate Your Secret Club (7")' (Estrus)
  • 07 January 2004: 'Wake-Up Call (LP-Greater than Ever)' (Big Neck) (JP: 'Almost to the end of tonight's programme, obviously, and at this stage of the proceedings it may be illogical really to play a record called wake up call, but we spit in the face of logic on this programme.')
  • 20 January 2004: 'Wake-Up Call (LP-Greater Than Ever)' (Big Neck)

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