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Bay City Rollers, Remember? was a 1999 documentary, broadcast on BBC1 about the profile of the Bay City Rollers band, who were popular in the 1970's. The programme contained interviews with the band members and those who were associated with the group.

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Bay City Rollers Remember PART 2

Bay City Rollers Remember PART 2

Peel makes an appearance between 4:01 and 5:09 of the video.

Peel made an appearance on the programme talking about Mallory Park, where he recalled an episode during a Radio 1 'Fun Day' at Mallory Park when the group were helicoptered into the open air event attended by hundreds of hysterical fans, while the only 'security' was made up of members of the BBC sub-aqua club and Tony Blackburn was waving to fans on a speedboat driven by a person dressed up as a womble.

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