Beatnik Filmstars were a British Lo-fi pop group formed in Bristol in 1990. After splitting up in 1998, going on to side projects Kyoko and Bluebear, they re-formed in 2004, releasing several more albums before splitting again in 2008. Singer Guitarist Andrew Arthur Jarrett started Beatnik Filmstars when the band he was previously in The Groove Farm split up. Formed in 1990, the first line up also featured former Groove Farm members Jon Kent (guitar) and Jeremy (Jez) Butler (Drums) along with bass player Andy Henderson. The band's first album Maharishi was released in 1991. It found them getting lumped into the shoegazing scene, with songs that featured loud/quiet/loud passages, and swirly guitar sounds. However, Jarrett was more influenced by US sounding bands and the band soon broke away from their 'shoegaze' phase.

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Peel was a big supporter of the group in the 90's: they recorded five sessions for his show as well as once being invited to sit in and chat with him during one of his broadcasts. He lamented the reluctance of other DJs to play their music:

"Here's a thing: I never hear a single one of their records on the radio unless I play it myself. That seems sad." [1]
In an interview with singer Andrew Jarrett for an internet publication, Jarrett mentioned the importance of Peel when asked why the band were appreciated in America:
"Because, they have college radio, so our records got played a lot and therefore heard by a lot more people, where as in the UK we had John Peel and that was it. Also we often got features in US publications, and the record reviews were generally quite stunning. Americans are not quite so easily led by fads and trends. Sure, it happens to some extent, but not in the way it did, and probably still does in Britain. The NME had the power to start a trend, and to kill it dead when they were bored with it. For some bizarre reason, the English public followed them like a herd of little lost sheep...You don't get that so much in America." [2]

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No entries during Peel's lifetime.




Beatnik Filmstars - Peel Session 1995

Beatnik Filmstars - Peel Session 1995

All sessions released on 541 The John Peel Sessions (2005, CD, Zenith Consol Tone). None repeated after first TX.

1. Recorded: 1995-06-04. Broadcast: 01 July 1995

  • Jam Shoes / Chips / New Boyfriend And Black Suit / A Craze Exploding / Dogstar

2. Recorded: 1996-07-21. Broadcast: 17 August 1996

  • Pilot Jack De La Zouche / Wing Off A Plane / Rumpus Throw / Milk

3. Recorded: 1997-02-25. Broadcast: 11 March 1997

  • Hep Boys (Into Kraut Rock) / Ransack The Misfits / Now I'm A Millionaire / Mess/Is This Is Rad?

4. Recorded: 1997-08-03. Broadcast: 19 August 1997

  • His Part In The Death Of A Lottery Winner / I Can Tame Lions / Squeemish / Less Than One In Ten / Goodbye Miss Barcelona

5. Recorded: 1997-12-14. Broadcast: 29 January 1998

  • 13th Annual Showdown / Pop Dramas (Camp It Up) / Good Things Proud Man / Life Amongst The Cowboys / Our Celestial Pilot / Better In Space

Other Shows Played

Beatnik Filmstars - Sing Elvis

Beatnik Filmstars - Sing Elvis

Beatnik Filmstars

Beatnik Filmstars

Seventies Flick

Seventies Flick

  • 12 January 1996: 'Flake (LP-Beezer (A Collection Of Singles, EPs, Sessions and Out-Takes)' (Mobstar)
  • 26 January 1996: Charlie Batman (LP - Beezer) Mobstar
  • 25 May 1996: 'Seventies Flick (7"-Supremer Queener)' (Mobstar)
  • 01 June 1996: A Craze Exploding (7" EP - Supremer Queener) Mobstar MOBSTAR006
  • 01 June 1996 (BFBS): 'Seventies Flick (7")' (Mobstar)
  • 02 June 1996: I Am A Pioneer (7" EP - Supremer Queener) Mobstar MOBSTAR006



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