• Best Of Peel Vol 11
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1990
  • An all-record compilation from Peel's early 90s shows by Peel Mailing List user parkermike81.
  • For some reason, JP seems amused by one of his listeners having a hamster called Hamlet.
  • While on holiday in Provence, JP played his family the Happy Flowers LP, and noted that, despite being interested, they didn't ask him to play it again.
  • As part of our continuing education, John tells us that 'pure' is an archaic word for dog excrement.
  • He is unhappy with the production on the new Napalm Death LP, proclaiming it to be not muddy enough: he can apparently hear everything.
  • Tracks marked § from 30 August 1990 show.


(JP: 'That'll put hairs on your chest, eh? You may not want 'em, of course.')
(JP: 'If there have been moments of disorientation in the course of this programme, I apologise: it's not unrelated to the fact that I've got about nine headaches, and I've got an awful feeling that this isn't going to make any of them any better.')
(JP: 'Apparently, the party to celebrate my birthday in the wine bar is still going quite a storm, people having a great time round there. Me? I'm sitting here working. But it's a joy to be with you here tonight on 1FM, well of course it is.') 30 August 1990
(JP: 'Not only can I not go to my own birthday party, but I've got one of those small white spots on your tongue that really hurt a lot.') 30 August 1990


  • best of peel vol 11
  • 01:33:15
  1. John is unwilling to tell us that 'paska' is Finnish for 'shit'.
  2. One and a half tracks played here, as midway through one song ('Like Jeff'), John decides to take it off, turn it over and play something better.