• Best Of Peel Vol 12
  • 1990
  • Another in a continuing series of compilations of Peel highlights assembled by Peel Mailing List user parkermike81.
  • This was the first one made available to the list.
  • The file contains the first broadcast of a complete session.
Bolt Thrower, #3. Recorded 1990-07-22. Available on Grind Madness At The BBC (Earache).


(JP: 'I wish you could see me tonight. I think I look, well, at my loveliest, actually, in a white T-shirt that says 'King Tubby' on it and was given to me by Adrian Sherwood. I only mention this so that you'll know I am actually a friend of the stars.')
  • Unit 93: 'One More Story (12 inch-B side of Trust No One)' (Bassic) 03 September 1990
  • (JP: 'There are certain demo tapes that I can remember exactly where I was when I first heard them, like the first one by Altered Images: I heard that in Braintree, when I was taking a bit of a detour round the town centre through the housing estates. It's the same with Bolt Thrower, actually: the first time I put one of their demo tapes in the car, the car vapourised, and I found myself standing in my underpants on the hard shoulder of the M11.') 04 September 1990
  • Bolt Thrower: 'Destructive Infinity' (Peel Session) 04 September 1990
(JP: 'Ah, don't you sometimes wake up in the night screaming with lust for them? Of course you do, we all do, it's only natural.')
(JP: 'Despite the fact that my birthday is five days old, I mean five days into my fifty-second year, the birthday cards continue to come in. The most extraordinary that I've had so far was from a German woman living in Egypt somewhere. It was a very, actually a terribly depressing letter...and with it, she's sent me, well I'm not much of a judge of these things, but I'd have said most of her pubic hair, and you think, what kind of state can people be in to do that sort of thing?') 05 September 1990


  • best of peel vol 12 with introductions
  • 01:35:20
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