• Best Of Peel Vol 32
  • 1991
  • Another in a series of early 90s compilations by Peel Mailing List user parkermike81, although several tracks in part 1 appear to come from later in the decade. This one contains extracts from the cover version specials.
  • John apologises that he cannot fulfill a listener's request for George Michael, claiming with great sincerity that he has left all of his LPs by Michael at home. Again.


Part 1

(JP: 'Where can they possibly be now? Detained during Her Majesty's Pleasure, I think.') 06 July 1991
(JP: 'Much better than the original, of course.') 06 July 1991
(JP: 'I'll see if Radio 2 would be interested in borrowing that.')
  • Crust: 'Feelings (7 inch)' (Trance Syndicate) (JP: 'The seeing-to it deserves....the ultimate cover version in that after that, nobody will ever sing 'Feelings' again. Well, they will, but they certainly shouldn't.') Ø
  • Atrocity: 'Unimpressed (LP-Infected)' (Metalcore)
  • Louvin Brothers: 'Satan Is Real (Compilation LP-Capitol Country Music Classics)' (Capitol)
(JP: 'He's a bugger that Satan, isn't he? He's all over the place.')
(JP: 'For those of you who are listening to this programme at the Reading Festival, don't worry, I'll be back with you later on today, and if you want to rush over and, you know, touch the hem of my garments, feel quite free to do it. Don't be embarrassed at all. It might clear up that extraordinary skin condition.')

Part 2

(JP: 'This next record was bound to be included in any programme like this, because I sing on it, and indeed whistle on it, and I think rather prettily, althouh when the record came out,it got a terrible slagging from much of the press, and this track in particular was singled out for, er, opprobrium.') 07 July 1991


  • best of peel vol 32 parts 1 & 2
  • 00:46:30, 00:47:00
  1. Released in 1980. John tries it at 33 rpm too, but is not convinced.
  2. Recorded in Rhosneigr.