• Best Of Peel Vol 41
  • 1991-12 1992-01
  • Another in Peel Mailing List user parkermike81's series of early 90s Peel compilations.
  • Session featured:
Unsane, #1. Recorded 1991-05-21, first TX 14 July 1991, this repeat 28 December 1991. Final track, 'Bath', not present on this recording.


Part 1

From 28 December 1991:
(JP: 'I hope we won't be more than ankle-deep in 1992 before the Unsane LP becomes available generally. In the meantime, here are some of their tunes.')
  • Unsane: 'Organ Donor / Street Sweeper / Jungle Music / Exterminator' (Peel Session)
(JP: 'We've had a friend staying with us for the last two days, three days, from New York. She's lived there for about fifteen years as a matter of fact and has never heard of Unsane. Seems barely possible.')
From 04 January 1992:
(JP: 'Not that I've got anything anything against breasts, you understand. My own are the talk, in fact the pride, of the Radio 1 locker room.')
(JP: 'They sound amusingly out to lunch, don't they?')
From 05 January 1992:

Part 2

From 05 January 1992:
(JP: 'This is what they're up to in Evesham in Worcestershire, and I think this is a stupendous record, particularly about two and a half minutes into it, where they shift up a gear.')
(JP: 'I just got a fax handed to me which arrived on the machine. It's not addressed to anyone, but can it be for me? It just says, "Smile, Man Smile!" Why I should do that and destroy the air of brooding magnificence I've cultivated over the past twenty-five years or so, I simply can't imagine.')
(JP: 'I think "I struck a fender with a pipewrench" must be one of the great lines in all of popular song.')
(It is unknown which show(s) the following are from):


  • best of peel vol 41 parts 1 & 2 (with introductions)
  • 00:46:37, 00:47:25
  1. JP cannot remember the release date: it was 1983. He obviously forgot about the session they did for him in that year.
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