The Better Beatles

The Better Beatles were a short-lived post-punk band from Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Their repertoire consisted of Beatles covers played in a deadpan, minimalist style reminiscent of the Residents or the Flying Lizards.

Recording sessions in late 1981 resulted in a self-released 7" single on Woodgrain records containing covers of 'Penny Lane' b/w 'I'm Down'. By the time the single was released in 1982, the group had split up.

In 2007 the single and other Beatles tracks recorded at the sessions were belatedly issued on the LP 'Mercy Beat' on Hook Or Crook records.

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On his show on 22 September 1982 Peel mentioned that he had been handed a copy of the single earlier in the week by an American youth waiting for him at the BBC. He played 'Penny Lane' and promised to play the other side on the following evening's show. Unfortunately, he subsequently found that the 7" had disappeared from the studio - missing presumed stolen, in his opinion: "very vexing indeed because quite clearly it was good and I wanted to play it again". Happily, having acquired a replacement copy a few weeks later, 'I'm Down' was aired on 20 October 1982.

Both sides of the single were featured in July 1991 as part of Peel's cover version specials. Of 'Penny Lane', he opined "much better than the original, of course."

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The Better Beatles - Penny Lane (1982)

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