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Black Star Liner were formed in Leeds in 1994, by Choque Hosein, Tom Salmon, and Chris Harrop. Their music consisted of a mix of Asian music (sitar and tabla), dance music and dub.  Their debut single 'Smoke The Prophets' was voted NME Single Of The Week in 1994 and continued to produce a danceable swirl of ethnic instruments and synth sounds. They signed to major label WEA in 1997 and produced the album 'Bengali Bantam Youth Experience' in 1998, before splitting up in 2001.

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After receiving the single of the week award in the NME magazine for "Smoke the Prophets", they recorded three Peel Sessions, the first of which was broadcast in April 1995. The Peel session enabled them to secure a recording contract with EXP, which was run by Feargal Sharkey from The Undertones and Richard Norris from The Grid. Their debut album, Yemen Cutta Connection was released in September 1996, with a press launch on Dartmoor involving Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond from The KLF. The album received critical praise, including album of the week in The Guardian. After the demise of EXP, Rob Dickens from WEA signed Black Star Liner, and they recorded their second album Bengali Bantam Youth Experience, which featured the single "Superfly and Bindi".

On The O-Zone TV programme broadcast in 1997, Peel praised the singer Choque and his band, explaining liking their different fusion of styles in their set. The band were taking part in the show at the India Five-0 music festival at the Custard Factory in Birmingham.



Rock Freak by Black Star Liner (1997 BBC Session)

1. Recorded: 1995-03-07. Broadcast: 07 April 1995. Repeated: 23 September 1995

  • Harmon Session Special / Tabla Attack / Hooba Hooba / Non Stop To The Border / Ottoman Empire Strikes Back

2. Recorded: 1997-09-02. Broadcast: 07 October 1997

  • Glitter Frenzy / Gimmick Prince / Superfly & Bindi / Rock Freak

3. Recorded: 1999-01-12. Broadcast: 09 February 1999. Repeated: 22 April 1999

  • Yellow Funk / Swimmer / Hindu Homeboy Detective / Wheels Of Steel / Sita D


1. Recorded at the Custard Factory, Birmingham. Broadcast: India Five-0 (15th August 1997)

  • set unknown

2. Recorded at Glastonbury: 1999-06-29. Broadcast: 29 June 1999

  • Set unknown

Other Shows Played


Black star liner - Harmon harrot (Freezone Vol. 2)

  • 25 February 1995: Killah Connection (12" - High Turkish Influence) Soundclash
  • 25 November 1995: Harmon Bomb Drop (Original Excursion) (10" - The Jawz EP) EXP Recordings
  • 12 April 1996: ‘Harmon Haroot II (12 inch - Harmon Session Special XI )’ Exp Recordings
  • 13 April 1996: Harmon Session Special XI (12") EXP Recordings

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